The biggest gift received from the Universe is Energy.

 The same Energy that created the Cosmos, 

the same that moves rivers, pushes the waves and maintains the mountains.

This very same Unique Energy is the one, the Universe put at our disposal in order to find

balance and well-being.

With profound respect and humility, permission is asked to the Universe in using  this Energy to recover the balance in your life, helped by our

hues of harmony.

In Ashtarkhimia we combine Reiki with Crystal-Therapy, taking the benefit of these valuable "Natural Allies".

We lean on other tools such as pendulum diagnosis and aura vision as well.

When believed to be appropriate, "Four Hands" treatment is applied getting a deeper combination of feminine-masculine polarities, reaching far into the process of restoring balance and harmony.

Master Mikao Usui is the creator of a natural healing system he named Reiki.

His method is based on the utilization of the Universal Vital Energy of Harmonization to benefit our health.

Following the techniques transmitted by his teachings, we canalize this Vital Energy to re-balance, harmonize and heal.