Atelier de Ikebana

Since the inauguration of Tatebana Atelier-San Sebastian- in 2006, I set myself such an ambitious goal as to perpetuate the Teachings of the Ikebana Masters both, technically and philosophically, focusing on the respect of our environment and the effort in reflecting the tight connection of Human Being with Nature.

From the love of natural beauty, Ikebana is born.

We create an arrangement as if we were painting a picture.

We "feel" the creations living their harmony.

Ikebana is a beautiful channel through which to let our spirit flourish and is a great practice of meditation, relaxation and concentration, too. 

When we address a flower with gratitude, moved by the blessings of Nature, it reflects that feeling and deepens our sensibility towards everything around us.

With more than twenty years of experience accumulated in various schools around the world, I have taken in my opinion, the best of each of them, creating for Tatebana an easy and fun way of learning.

All pictures and drawings are property of  "TATEBANA" Ikebana Atelier

San Sebastián, Spain

Please do not use them for any purpose.

Thank you.