Having been striving for years spiritual researches, the Universe converged our paths in Bangkok to discover Reiki.

To satisfy what started as a growing interest in gaining Reiki knowledge, revealed us a Way presenting new horizons.

Incorporating disciplines practiced since the past, such as Yoga, Tai-Chi or Chi-Kung with Reiki, gave us the opportunity to use and apply them together for therapeutic purposes and allowed us committing ourselves to well-being as much

physically as mentally and spiritually.

At the same time we discovered yet another fascinating world: The infinite potential of Crystals.

The desire to expand our knowledge led us to accomplish in Asia and Europe various courses such as Pendulum Diagnosis, Aura Vision, Deepening in Psychic Consciousness Studies and above all becoming certified Reiki Masters, allowing us to offer versatile therapies.

In Ashtarkhimia we can attend you in

Spanish, Basque, French and English.

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